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Saunas & Relax

Herbal Bath (Herbal Sauna)

This is a very gentle and relaxing heat treatment- an ideal starter to the total Aqua Sauns experience. The low temperature s around 60°C and a humidity of approximately 60% allow a totally relaxed experience of this unique heat environment. Fresh herbs- Camomile, Savia and Rosmary- give this heat experience its wonderful aroma.

Finnish Sauna

This finnish wood-line sauna is warm and dry, with a temperature between80-100°C. The body heats up quickly which induces persiration and opens thepores. The sauna cleanses the bosy of impurities and is thought to ebhance the immunedefencs as well as releiving stress. For maximum effect, use the sauna in combination with the Ice Fountain or the cold experience showers.

Steam Bath

The steam, which is blown into the cabin, is combined with a special salt solution. It is extremely beneficial for the respiratoy system and the sinuses and also initiates a purifying and detoxifying process. Humidity reaches approximately 90 to 100% and teh temperature 41°C.

Salt Inhalation Bath

Steam, essential oils and salt combine to create the sea atmosphere of this unique inhalation room. It is especially good for opening the sinuses and clearing the air passages. Teh cabin temperature reaches 45§C and the humiduty is between 90% and 100%. The body heats up gently as you start to perspire. The automatically injected jet of steam stimulates the blood circulation and start the purifyng and detoxifying process.


The Romans named the most famous bath of the Antique "Tepidarium". The temperature in the Tepidarium is 39°C, which is the ideal condition for the relief and the stabilisation of your immune system. The warm and dry air of the Tepidarium helps ou ti build up your resistance and fight existing pathogenic agents efficiently.

Ice Fountain

It is an ideal contrast to heat treatments (sauna, steam bath). The crushed ice stimulates the circulation and boosts the lymphatic and immune systems.
the continuously falling ice and refrigeration give you a powerful and uplifitng feeling, which is why ice fountains are used in medical spas to treat anxiety, stress and depression.

Heated benches

Enjoy our heated benches after a sauna session.

Heated Water Beds

Our heated water beds are the ideal place to relax after a massage!