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Saunas and relaxation

Our hotel with sauna in South Tyrol? Pure well-being.

Enveloping heat for complete relaxation

The wellness area of our hotel with sauna in South Tyrol is an oasis dedicated to relaxation and well-being that extends across 1,000m2. Make time for yourself and choose from our five types of saunas and steam baths that will leave you feeling regenerated. At our hotel with sauna in South Tyrol, you will enjoy relaxing moments that make time lose all meaning.

Finnish sauna

Pamper yourself in this rustic sauna at our hotel with sauna in South Tyrol and breathe in the scent of natural wood from our local forests. The infusions with natural aromas boost circulation, promote detoxification and do your skin and airways a world of good.

Sea salt steam grotto

A solution of sea salt and etheric extracts is vaporised at regular intervals inside the grotto. The eucalyptus and mint extracts help to cleanse the airways and, combined with the radiating heat inside the grotto, generate a bioclimate that simulates the effects of a seaside holiday.

Classic Turkish bath

Compared to Finnish saunas, Turkish baths have a lower temperature and higher humidity rate. The heat relaxes the muscles, while the steam promotes detoxification and helps to cleanse the body, leaving the skin brighter, softer and more supple. A real must during your ski holiday in Trentino-South Tyrol.

Herbal bath

This wet sauna combines heat with fine aromatic herbs to soothe the body and soul. A bucket of water is poured onto the herbs placed on the stove in the sauna cabin. This causes steam to be released, spreading a pleasant herbal scent. An absolute highlight during your holiday at our hotel with sauna in South Tyrol.


The tepidarium is a bath dating back to ancient Rome. It has a temperature of 39°C, making it ideal to gradually warm up the body and prepare it for the more intense sauna sessions to follow. The tepidarium also boosts metabolism and blood circulation as well as helping to strengthen the immune system.

Ice fountain

After a sauna session, rub your body with ice flakes from the fountain to enjoy a revitalising effect. This will stimulate circulation and make your skin tighter and firmer.

Relaxation areas

Between sauna sessions, it is important to take a 10 or 15-minute break to relax and restore your normal blood pressure. Take advantage of this time to think about all the adventures that await you the following day. In the relaxation areas of our hotel with sauna in South Tyrol, you will find comfortable heated loungers and water mattresses where you can put your feet up and enjoy some peace and quiet in a cosy, tranquil environment.

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